Character Areas

Character Areas

The vision focuses on the creation of three distinctive character areas, which together form Spencer’s Park Phase 2.

1) The Green Spine

CGI street view of the southern entrance

The main tree-lined avenue from north-south, largely formed around the existing mature tree belt which will be retained. The Green Spine is the central pedestrian and cycle path through the new development, with a generously landscaped southern entrance off Three Cherry Trees Lane. The Green Spine marks the start of an interconnected play trail and off-road pedestrian and cycle path that joins the Nickey Line to the north of the site.

Starting to the south with a series of four-storey crescent apartments overlooking the entrance area and forming a gateway to the site, the buildings change as you move north along the Green Spine, towards a collection of two-storey and three-storey detached and semi-detached houses.

The cycle path through Spencer’s Park Phase 2 will start at the southern entrance and run along The Green Spine to the Nickey Line

2) The Avenue

CGI street view of The Avenue

Forming the heart of the scheme, this linear tree-lined street runs from the southern end of the site to The Oval – the formal green space that connects Swallow Fields (Phase 1) with Spencer’s Park Phase 2. 

Two-storey and three-storey semi-detached and detached homes run along either side of the Avenue, with a further off-road cycle and pedestrian path running alongside.   

Four-storey apartment blocks are focused at the northern and southern end of The Avenue, with the northern apartment blocks shaped around a series of green spaces. 

The Oval itself – nearest to Swallow Fields (Phase 1) – is completed by a collection of two and a half storey semi-detached houses facing onto the formal green space.

Sketch of The Oval

3) Local Streets

CGI street view of The Local Streets

A series of play-friendly neighbourhood streets between The Green Spine and The Avenue. Terrace houses run alongside each street with parking primarily located within parking courts to the rear of the houses. There are generous areas of landscaping and further tree planting.

The Local Streets have been designed to ensure traffic moves at slow speeds and priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists
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