CGI street view of the southern entrance

As part of the development, Countryside will invest in new local highway works and improvements.


There will be two new vehicular entrances to Spencer’s Park Phase 2 and a separate entrance created to the new employment area.

The primary entrance will be via Three Cherry Trees Lane at its junction with Boundary Lane. We will provide the investment for a new four-arm roundabout to safely manage the flow of vehicles in and out of the development.

The secondary access point will be via the Spencer’s Park Phase 1 – Swallow Fields – access.

A junction improvement will be delivered at the junction of Three Cherry Trees Lane with Swallowdale Lane. This junction will be upgraded from a three-arm priority-controlled junction to a traffic signal-controlled junction. This will allow traffic movements to be managed more effectively and a safe pedestrian crossing across Swallowdale Lane to be provided.

A separate access will be created to the employment land at the southern tip of the site. This access point will be a priority-controlled junction with Three Cherry Trees Lane.

Movement through Site

The emerging proposals are designed to prioritise sustainable travel.

The Green Spine, a tree-lined avenue running north-south, marks the start of an interconnected play trail and off-road pedestrian and cycle path that provides connection routes to the Nickey Line at the north of the site.

Walking and cycling is integral to the design of Spencer’s Park Phase 2, with a network of safe connections and crossings created across the site to key destinations, including the future primary school.

The side streets – known as The Local Streets – have been designed to ensure traffic moves at slow speeds and priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic calming measures have been incorporated throughout the site.

The main boulevard, which runs from the new roundabout being created on Three Cherry Trees Lane up to the new connection created with Phase 1 (Swallow Fields), has been designed to accommodate buses and general traffic flows but still always prioritising and encouraging both walking and cycling.


Parking is provided in line with typical expectations for developments of this nature, to ensure that adequate provision is made, and streets are not cluttered with inappropriate casual parking.

The apartments and some smaller two-bed houses have one space. The remaining two bed houses and three bed houses have two spaces per house and the larger four bed houses have three spaces per house.

Our current proposals provide a parking ratio of 1.6 spaces per dwelling, very close to the ratio approved in the outline consent (1.5 spaces) but also allowing for visitor parking. All dwellings will be provided with cycle parking.

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